Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Christmas came early for Sherman Jr.

Whoa! Sherman Jr. has been working overtime today. Lots of new goodies for him. Tonight is his night to delve into all the new releases that have been out there for the past couple weeks. I think he's a touch overwhelmed. It's getting down into the 20's tonight here in Seattle and he's going to hunker down, stay warm and start loadin' up! Stay tuned!

We do have some time for a Guilty Pleasure though. I have two words for you Pointer Sisters! I could probably stop right there, but I won't. What did I hear today but "Automatic"! Pure 80's gold people! Anita, Ruth and June were workin' some pop magic on that one. It has a sound like no other Pointer Sister's track they released. Could be the vocoder they employed to give it a techy feel. I was moments away from breakin' out my stir-up pants and oversized shirt and belt to jam to this one. Might even need a sweatband. The ladies recently celebrated their 30th anniversary in showbiz! Makin' me feel old is all I'm gonna say. They scored their first R & B #1 in 1975! That's when Bonnie was still with them. She went off and attempted a solo career back in '78 to no avail. Ruth was always the sassy one, but I loved June. Those teeth! The fact that she never did anything about them. She's real deal. Unfortunately, they lost their major label contract back in the 90's and decide to fall back on the hits after that. Check out their website. Tons of info and some classic photos including current ones. Keep goin' girls!


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