Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Very Happy Ears!

I have been reading and reading about the new release from Parov Stelar for months. I keep hearing that his new disc is a must have. Only thing is, I can't seem to find it locally. Well, leave it to trusty iTunes to have it available! I downloaded it last night and Sherman Jr. and I cannot stop listening to it. It is super yummy! Jazzy beats, sexy vocals and smoked out bliss. It is the new favorite around here fo' sure. It is one of those discs that gets into your head right away and then worms it's way into your heart. It just feels good. Another Austrian export, Stelar's first release Rough Cuts, was critically acclaimed, but Second and Storm solidifies his place as a premier electronic producer. I really needed a disc like this. Something fresh, something that stirs and something that makes you remember why you love music!! If there is anyone out there who can tell me about Phoebe Hall (she does the vocals on track 2), please school me about her. Her voice is gorgeous! Now it's time for me to find anything and everything that Parov has ever done! I know I have some of his work on some compilations, but I need more. There is something in the water in Austria, I just know it. Looks like I'll be hitting iTunes for his first release today.

I want to give credit for this Parov Stelar discovery to my favorite electronic music site, Soul Seduction out of Austria. It's a phenomenal site. You can listen to just about everything before buying. It's easy to use and carries both vinyl and cd. You should sign up for their newsletter too. It's a weekly list of all the new releases that you should look out for. They have turned me on to some great new artists! Danke fur die Musik!

Now for a bit of an apology. I know I told everyone to go out and buy the new Neil Diamond disc. Little did I know that it would contain the horrible Sony-BMG anti piracy software that is causing a major ruckus in the music world. People come on, like CD sales aren't bad enough? I cannot believe they thought they could get away with something like this. It boggles the mind. Talk about a recall. At this time Sony says roughly 20 titles were made with the rootlike technology. Another blog states it's closer to 47. People have been copying CD's for years. It used to be on tape, now it's on CD. It's the advent of Digital Music that is resulting in low sales. Coming up with technology to prevent piracy isn't the answer. Remember guys, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em". For more information on this debacle visit SONY-BMG's content protection site.

Today's Guilty Pleasure will, of course, correlate with today's anti-piracy theme. "Steal Away" by Robbie Dupree. I love that he is referred to as a soft rock singer. His real name is Robert Dupuis. I can see why he changed it so dramatically. Born in Brooklyn, he started as a doo wop singer hangoing out on street corners. In 1978, he moved to LA to pursue his dream and that's where the magic happened. His self-titled debut dropped in 1980 and contained the top ten hit "Steal Away". If you check out his website, note that it is in English and Japanese. He must be quite a star there!


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