Saturday, November 05, 2005

Sherman, Sherman...are you ok?

Sad day around here. Sherman has fallen ill. I believe he's caught something in his hard drive. He is down for the count. It's been a quiet day around here. No playlists, no guilty pleasures and no fun. I am taking Sherman to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store aka the doctor. Please say some prayers, light some candles, toss salt over your shoulder, don't step on any cracks, keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. I will have his test results in the morning.

Without any music today, it gave me ample time to think about the Citizen Cope show I caught last night. Here's the only observation I can make. Sorority girls + PBR = disgusting. The crowd literally ruined the show. Talked the entire time. Even after he asked the crowd to be quiet...twice! It was so embarrassing. Didn't even stay for the whole show. He was great, but that couldn't make up for the obnoxious chattering and drunken rantings. Is talking on your cellphone at a concert acceptable now? I must have missed that one.

Well, off to care for the patient. More in the morning....


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