Thursday, November 10, 2005

Shakin' it with Sherman Jr.

Well, it's good to know that Sherman Jr. can dance! Sherman Sr. used to like to strut his stuff from time to time and his son is no exception. Today we are going to talk about some of the latest releases that have the neighbors bangin' on the ceiling and Sherman Jr. up all night. First off, the new release by Miguel Migs, Get Salted Vol. 1. This is the first release on Miguel's new Salted Music label. This CD is fantastic! Keeps the groove going from start to finish. It opens with Chuck Love's "Back In My Life", which I love and keeps rolling right through for 16 tracks. You will find a track from the Li'sha Project aka Lisa Shaw of house vocal fame. This track was a bit of a tease as we all eagerly awaited her solo debut. Wait no more, Cherry just hit the stores. What an absolute treat to have an entire CD of Lisa Shaw's amazing voice. Naked Music has released her first collection of her own music. It even includes the stripped down "Always". This CD is perfect for a different form of dancing (wink wink). One that Sherman Jr. shouldn't really talk about. I am anxiously awaiting all of the remixes that will stem from this record. "Cherry" has already had the Migs touch and is superb! I would like to congratulate and thank Lisa for this amazing accomplishment and wish her all success she deserves!!! It is constantly playing on Sherman Jr. and has filled a musical void out there.

Now onto a few more releases of note. The new Late Night Series is great. The first was Late Night With Andy Caldwell. Deep house at it's finest. Great track selections including two of his own. This is a must for house fans! The second in the series gives King Britt the chance to put together some of his favorites. King assembles a great selection of midtempo grooves that is the perfect accompaniment to an evening at home with some wine, etc, etc. He pulls out one of my all time fave tracks, "Naturally" with Kimblee on vocals. No matter what I am doing when I hear that song, I stop, smile and shake my head. It's a classic! Glad to see it's on the King's mix.

My next tip is quite simple really. Buy any music that the Rurals put out. The Rurals are the real deal, guys. They make deep house music that is as soulful as they are. They have been making house music for over 10 years. Andy and Marie are the Rurals and live in England. I guarantee that if you put on a Rurals disc while you have some folks over, everyone will ask what you are playing. It is so, so good! Whenever you see their music, buy it. It's not always easy to find. (How cute are they?)

Now for a few other releases that I won't go into detail on, you'll just have to trust my and Sherman Jr.'s judgement. They're not all house, but they are made for dancin'!

Richard Davis - Details, Nordic Lounge Vol. 3/VA, anything by Harley & Muscle, the entire Southport Weekender Series, Sci Fi Hi Fi mixed by Ewan Pearson, Bargrooves Influences - Jay Hannan, Later by Bent, Kompakt Total 6, Groove Junkie's House of OM and anything by Mr. Kevin Yost.

All of this dancin' has me thinkin' about today's Guilty Pleasure. It comes from the one and only Cheryl Lynn singing "Got To Be Real". Born in LA in 1957, Cheryl was raised in the church where her mother was minister of music. In 1978, Cheryl released her first album which included "Got To Be Real". This song hit number one in all the clubs. Cheryl's last release was in 1996 and no one is quite sure what she has been up to since. I think she's singing somewhere. Holiday Inn? Branson? Atlantic City?

Phew...long post today. Time to recharge Sherman Jr. and call it a night.


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