Monday, November 21, 2005

Portland, oh Portland

Well, Sherman Jr. is back from his Portland roadtrip! We'll get to that in a minute. First off, the Stars and Death Cab show. Unfortunately, it was only the Death Cab show for me. Missed Stars. Had no idea the show would start on time and my date was late coming home from work. Luckily, we made it for Death Cab. It was a real treat to see them in their hometown! I think they were super happy to be home! They did about an hour and a half show that was dominated by music from the new disc. My personal favorite moment of the night was when Ben sang "I Will Follow You Into the Dark" with just his guitar and the entire crowd harmonizing with him. Gave me chills. I have to say that I thought the sound was a bit off. Ben's vocals needed more volume for sure. Overall, a great night. Great to see the mix of young and old all singing along to each song. This photo was posted on the Death Cab For Cutie message boards. It's a photo of my favorite moments of the show. The crowd singing along with Ben!!!! Photo credit goes to William Anthony at BraveElements. Check out his site. Some amazing stuff! Overall, it was a great night for Death Cab and for Seattle! Always great to see local boys succeed! Oh, and reports state that Stars were awesome as usual. I'll catch 'em next time for sure.

Now onto Portland. Headed down on Saturday and stayed at the new Jupiter Hotel. It's an old motel that's been renovated and made into a hipster's lodge of sorts. In fact, the restaurant and lounge is called the Doug Firand looks like a log cabin gone mod! Incredibly cool space! Under the restaurant and lounge is a live music venue that was hopping with the sounds of Tom Vek while we were there. I think Sherman Jr.'s favorite part was the speakers they had built into the nightstands so you could plug in your iPod. Clever move! That should be in every hotel room! The other fun thing was that the doors were covered in chalkboard paint so you could write on the inside and outside of your door. That certainly makes for some fun. Super cute place. Just another example of how Portland keeps getting hipper and Seattle keeps struggling to find their identity. Each time I visit Portland, there is more to ohh and ahh about. They are really doing something right down there. Take notice Seattle! What are we waiting for????? Oops, I digressed.

Back to the music. Here are a few things that Sherman Jr. has been diggin' on for the last couple days and more. First thing is Clue to Kalo, One Way, It's Every Way. This record was a bit of a surprise for me. I had no idea how I would take to it. Mark Mitchell is Clue To Kalo. A combination of electronica and indie pop results in a gorgeous release. Check out the website too. He's got a great blog going. This is another release that should be listened to in it's entirety to get it's full impact. I think that by the time you are done listening, you will feel a bit likes it's cover. Take some time with this one. You'll be glad you did. Now we move onto The American Analog Set, Set Free is the latest release by this Texas group. They formed in 1995, but I did not learn of them until this release. This is a very sweet record. I think it would appeal to all. Their current line up formed in 2003 and they have been on the road ever since. Lately, they find themselves dispelling break up rumors as often as Jessica and Nick. Let's hope they are just that, rumors. I want the chance to see them live and to hear more from these guys!

Before we move onto today's Guilty Pleasure, I would like to pay respects to an artist we lost in early October. It was announced today that Link Wray passed away on November 5th in his home of Copenhagen. He was 76. His guitar stylings became favored for movie soundtracks. You can hear him in Pink Flamingos, Pulp Fiction, Breathless and many more. A great loss in music.

Today's Guilty Pleasure comes from that favorite genre of mine...70's singer-songwriter tunes. Dr. Hook's, "When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman". This is a classic. You have to go to their link to read all of the scandal that has followed them. Something about the real lead singer NOT being the real lead singer. I don't know who sang lead on this treasure, but I love it and am grateful they did!


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