Sunday, November 06, 2005

Meet Sherman Jr.

Last night at approximately 6 PM PST, Sherman was placed in a box at the Apple Store and retired. His hard drive failed. At that point, I was given Sherman Jr. Here he is with his new city behind him. Today will be spent reloading all of my tunes onto Sherman Jr. By the end of today, I should be up and running, as usual. No offense to Apple, but Sherman was less than a year old. Hmmmmmm....

For anyone who is as excited as I am about Neil Diamond, only 2 days until the release of 12 Songs! I am currently watching him on CBS Sunday Morning. Hope you all got a chance to catch this. They took him back to the Bitter End in New York to see where it all started! Pretty amazing story. The same manager was there from when Neil played at age 25. Here he is with his manager Jerry Weintraub from those very days. I am seriously hoping that Neil decides to tour with this record and does some smaller more intimate shows. During his current tour, he does a few songs solo and acoustic and it's just a tease!

Well, off to make Sherman Jr. comfortable in his new surroundings and to make him useful for me. Back tomorrow with more music!!


Blogger jeremy said...

hi sherman, jr.! its nice to meet you!

11:51 AM  

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