Friday, November 04, 2005

I Hate Wind...ok hate is a strong word...I dislike wind!

Breezey, freezey, damp day here in Seattle! BRRR....I know. I should be used to it. I actually don't mind fall and winter. I think Seattlites look better in fall. We are a scarf, sweater, hat (not me) and layer kind of town. Even Sherman likes a good winter jacket. It's the wind part I can do without. No one looks good in cold wet wind! Maybe, warm wet wind, but not cold. Ok, enough about the weather.

Today, Sherman could not stay on one album. He kept leaping around. We started the day with our own little tribute to the late and oh so great, Ms. Shirley Horn. A phenomenal vocalist and jazz pianist. She was just 71. She truly made every song she sang her own. Such a gift. Here's to Life was my choice this morning. That track just reaches in and pulls at every string in your heart. Yes, I was the one crying on the way to work this morning. I mean wind AND Shirley Horn. If you are going to own one Shirley Horn disc, this is the one. It's as if she is playing just for you. "A Time To Love" is soul stirring. And of course, there's the giggle she makes during that song. Steals my heart. Listening to this record is the perfect tribute to this fine lady and exceptional musician. She said it best:

"I like to be referred to as a good singer of good songs in good taste," she told The Associated Press in a 1991 interview.

After shedding a tear or two, Sherman and I jumped around a bit. First we landed on the new Ubiquity release The Find from Ohmega Watts. He's Brooklyn born, but has settled in Portland, OR. Let's here it for NW hip hop! I will simply say, fantastic! This is a fresh hip-hop release that just has it. Not sure what that it is, but it's there. It's sexy, organic and funky all at the same time. Ubiquity can't stop throwing out great music! Many thanks! After Ohmega, we jumped over to some new electronic music from Mitek. Mitek focuses on the promotion and production of Scandanavian artists. As far as I am concerned, some of the best electronic music is coming from that direction.

Folie's release Eyepennies. Folie aka Stefan Thor has made a beautiful album. Loaned to me by a friend who knows my musical taste, this was a wonderful surprise for me. The cover of the cd makes it worth trying (buttons = cute), but the contents deliver. This is his second release. This record garners it's inspiration from his 2 year old daughter. Not sure what that influence is unless maybe she's into dub. Whatever, I am liking it!

Today's Guilty Pleasure comes out of hitting an incorrect button on Sherman. While listening to Shirley Horn, I changed the track to a Shirley & Co. track. Who you ask is Shirley & Co? "Shame, Shame, Shame" is all I have to say. She brought us that 1975 disco hit.
The song went to #1, but it was the cover of the record that scored the biggest hit! Love it! Shirley Goodman became a session singer in the 60's and even sang on the Rolling Stones Exile on Main Street. She left showbiz in the early 70's and worked the switchboard at Playboy Magazine. The release of Shame, Shame, Shame marked her return to the biz. She retired from music in 1979 and moved to New Orleans. If anyone knows what she is doing today, let me know. Ok, off to build a fire and then go see Citizen Cope. Happy Friday!


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