Monday, November 07, 2005

Happy Neil Eve

Tomorrow is the day! The release of Neil's new album. Midnight tonight people! Go out and buy this record. Support the Diamond. It's worth it. It's a fanstastic record!

Sherman Jr. is up and running and just like his predecessor, he's churning out the music. We started this morning with a bit of Beth Orton. Click on her name to see the great photo on her website! She's adorable. This was the result of learning that Beth is releasing a new disc in Feb. '06! Produced by Jim O'Rourke of Sonic Youth this is sure to be a hit. I cannot wait. There is no voice like hers. It will be released through Astralwerks. I decided to take a listen to Central Reservation today. I just love "Love Like Laughter", "Sweetest Decline" and of course, the title track. To me, this release showed a more confident artist willing to take some risks. She has managed to keep her fans sated with a greatest hits collection, Pass In Time: The Definitive Collection, but new material will be most welcome. Looking forward to a tour to support the record too!

Well, the long awaited Madonna release Confessions on a Dancefloor appears to have leaked on the internet. It's also on MTV's site! I have to admit to be a fan of La Madonna's music and videos, not so much of the woman herself. I have big respect for anyone who makes it like she has. Very eager to hear some of these tracks in a club atmosphere. Loud, lotsa lights and a sweaty dancefloor. This disc straddles the sounds of 70's disco and 80's electronica. The term "future disco" is being bantered around for obvious reasons. Not sure how I am feeling about it so far. The track I Love New York sounds like Lourdes wrote the lyrics. She actually uses the word "dork" in it. Really Madonna? A bit lame by anyone's standards. I think it will be the remixes that make this a hit.

In honor of Madonna, today's Guilty Pleasure is "Crazy For You". Doesn't this song from the poignant film Vision Quest choke you up? A tour de force for Matthew Modine (what happened to him) and Daphne Zuniga (is that a name or a tree?) No matter how you slice it, that song just screams 1985! Pull out your album or better yet, watch the video and enjoy!

Less than 24 hours until Neil.......


Blogger jeremy said...

I loves me some Matthew Modine in a wrestling singlet!

8:59 AM  
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