Wednesday, November 16, 2005

From Milwaukee?

Sherman Jr. and I just learned that Signaldrift aka Franz Bucholtz lives in Milwaukee, WI. Right on! His latest release Set Design on the Consumers Research & Development label is a beauty. I listened to it on the way to work today and it was THE perfect soundtrack to the city this morning. The sun was coming up through some broken clouds and people were moving rather slowly. As my bus (yup took some public transport today) got closer to downtown, the city came alive and the music tempo matched. It was perfect as I looked out the front window and saw everyone crossing streets and making their way to work. I could have shot a video right then and there. I love the way this disc builds and falls again. It is ideal for that late night disc you want when you get home and want to set a mood. Whatever that mood may be. I love people who create electronic music that reflects warmth and depth. Not an easy task. So much of it can sound cold and too techy, not Signaldrift. I look forward to my trip home today to perhaps "shoot" another video for this fine release. I love how introspective he looks in the above photo too!

I would like to give some props to Madonna for her Confessions on a Dance Floor release. Madonna's 10th album of her career. I have to say at 47, she's in incredible shape. The only age seems to creeping up on her face at times. But, hey she's 47! Personally, I am itching for the remixes this CD will provoke. As a whole, it's fun, but Ray of Light still stands as this material girls favorite. The CD is fun and chock full of danceable numbers, but it slowly turns into a soap box that I really think is better left for someone other than Madonna. I appreciate that she wants to make a difference, change the world and look fabulous while doing it, but there's a point where it should just be about entertainment folks. I guess she showed up at Koko's in London last night to do a few numbers. That was the first club she ever played in the UK. She hadn't performed there in 22 years. She did 5 songs and the crowd included the Pet Shop Boys and Bernard Sumner from New Order. That's pretty cool. Actually, anything in London is cool, but I digress. So have you been to iTunes to hear the confessions yet? If not, hit the iTunes music store through your Mac or PC and head to the 1.888.2-Confess podcasts! Warning*** they are explicit and rather creepy sometimes.

Now for today's Guilty Pleasure! Sherman Jr. is sticking with Madonna's telephone confession theme and choosing "Hot Line" by the Sylvers. You can find all of their pertinent info on the Disco Museum website. This gem was #5 on the charts in January of '77. How hot are they in this photo? They could be doin' back up for Madonna on her next tour!!!! I am so there!!!! Could you imagine????


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