Monday, November 14, 2005

Feisty, but so not Broken!

So, I went to see Feist and Broken Social Scene on Saturday night. I have seen them both already and had high expectations. Sherman Jr. is often playing Feist's debut disc Let It Die. I think he's secretly in love with her, or at least in love with her cover of the Bee Gee's, Inside and Out (which is understandable). Walked in about half way into her set. It was obvious she was having some serious technical issues. She has an amazing voice and can play guitar like a you know what, but it just wasn't happening. There was feedback and speakers down and all around chaos. It definitely broke her spirit on the stage. It was sad to me because last time I saw her, she was here with Kings of Convenience at a venue where no one would be quiet during her set and the entire place smelled like french fries. Man, I really felt for her. It was the last night she was on tour with Broken Social Scene and this was happening. Feist we still love you!!! It broke my heart a little tiny bit because I am a fan, and it was tough to watch her endure trouble that wasn't hers.

Now onto the headliners. Broken Social Scene!!!! People-I was so NOT ready for what they threw down! It was unbelievable. They actually had a full horn section and blew it out on the first track! Unreal! This show never let up. They gave it all they had. It was the last night of the tour with Feist (who is also a singer for them) and they pulled out all the stops! "Cause = Time", "Lover's Spit", "Anthems for a 17 year old Girl", and the tracks from their new self-titled release sounded amazing! They were on fire last night. 2 hours of music that at times was hard to describe. At one time, there were 15 people on the stage! That's when they decided to do Feist a favor and the entire group sang "Inside and Out" with just a guitar. This is one I will remember for some time to come. I once saw Sonic Youth at this venue, and this show ranks right up there with them! Thank you Broken Social Scene! Can't wait for your next trip down from Canada!!! You are the real deal! If you ever have a chance to see them live...go for pete's sake!

Sherman Jr. has picked today's Guilty Pleasure in honor of the mother country to the above musicians, CANADA! He has chosen an Anne Murray gem. It's from 1979, a year which brought us Every Which Way But Loose, Rocky II, the birth of Jennifer Love Hewitt and the unforgettable Anne Murray treasure "Shadows in the Moonlight". I can now share the fact that I thought it was "boogie shadows in the moonlight" , not "we'll be shadows in the moonlight". Oh the 70's. Is it just me, or is she terrifying on this album cover?


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