Thursday, November 03, 2005

5 Days and Counting....

Yes folks, November 8th is THE day. The first studio album from Neil Diamond in over four years! Not just any album either. It's produced by Rick Rubin, yes, that Rick Rubin! Not satisfied with just his Johnny Cash production, Rubin has longed to work with Neil and his wish was granted. He and Neil have assembled a stripped down, acoustic masterpiece. Taking Neil back to his roots, Rubin wanted a man and his guitar. It has been decades since Neil played acoustic guitar, but you would never know. From the opener "Oh Mary" until it's close, this record had me from the first note. His voice sounds as strong as ever and the lyrics are something we can all hold onto. Think about songs like"Stones", "And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind" and "Brooklyn Roads". Those are some of his best. 12 Songs shares that same feel. This man has sold over 120 million records and has one of the highest grossing tours of the year (saw him...loved him)! Diamond fans and non-believers alike will take to this record. By the way, there is nothing like a TRUE Neil Diamond fan. Check this out if you don't believe me. Neil Diamond Parking Lot May I also add that neil was my first rock concert in 1976! This was during the height of his denim and fringe days!

Neil became a member of the MySpace community this week! On his member page you can preview the new CD. Brilliant PR move, by the by. He will also be on every single morning, afternoon and night talk show possible during the weeks following the release.

In honor of 12 Songs, today's guilty pleasure will be a Neil Diamond classic (like they're not ALL classic). "Cracklin' Rosie" is an unforgettable track! Seeing him perform this live and listening to a stadium full of people sing these lyrics, is nothing short of magic. If you've got this one at home, play it and I dare you not to sing along with a grin on your face. Sherman can't wait to add the new CD to his playlist. See you at the record store Monday at midnight!!!! Spring for the special edition digipak including a duet with Mr. Brian (am I really still alive) Wilson.


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